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Tom Parker’s $100 Million Dollar Secret

New Book Offers Foundations a Safe, Game-Changing Investment Strategy!

In the last 16 years, Tom Parker, CEO of the Santa Barbara-based Hutton Parker Foundation, has made more than $100 million through an innovative, new financial strategy that involves investing in the local community instead of Wall Street.


He shows how he did it – and how your foundation can do it, too – in his new book, The $100 Million Secret (Kele Books). This step-by-step guide could be one of the most important and exciting books you will ever read! It is an easy-to-follow blueprint of a unique, but stunningly simple and safe way of investing in local real estate that produced more than twice the amount of income of traditional Wall Street investments.


In Parker’s view, most charitable foundations in this country are living in the Dark Ages as they continue to invest their assets in the stock market rather than their own communities. In this book, Parker proves that community investing is not only more mission-oriented, it is less risky and more profitable!


In these pages, you will find charts, explanations and the essential lessons Parker learned in his 35 years of experience in real estate, financing and banking. He proves that investing in community is an option that should be considered by nearly every foundation in America.


Not only are his strategies highly beneficial to foundations, they could also have a positive effect on the national economy. Foundations currently have a total of more than $600 billion invested in the United States, the vast majority in Wall Street stocks and bonds. If even a portion of those funds were shifted into local investments in America’s communities, it could help create jobs and stimulate economic growth at the grass-roots level.

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What Readers Say

Tom Parker’s $100 Million Secret will convince you why every community should have at least one Hutton Parker type of foundation.  The benefits to foundations and communities can be enormous.
Charles Slosser, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, The Philanthropic Initiative
Hold onto you hats because Tom Parker’s story will blow you away! Since 1998, the Hutton Parker Foundation has racked up terrific investment returns by investing, not in the stock market, but in the community, and with nonprofit organizations as partners. This story is compelling, a must read for every foundation trustee.
Peter Karoff,